"world's most customizable sneaker"

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1 shoe. 


Start with a blank canvas or browse our curated gallery for inspiration.


Modular. DIY. Parts click together to build your own shoe.


Infinitely interchangeable, mix and remix at anytime.

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Design your miix from 7 different parts in more than 12 different colors and styles.

More than 7,429,9678 possibilities.


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Why choose? Switch from high top to low top in 30 seconds. 

Every pair of miix footwear includes a free low top conversion kit.


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7,429,968 possibilities.


"Think of miix like a LEGO set. A sneaker than can be built from the sole-up, then easily rebuilt into a completely different sneaker in just a few minutes."

- Complex Sneakers

try the customizer

make change. make good. make history. make magic. make a scene. make it big. 

we are all makers. we are all born to create. 

miix is a new category of sneaker that empowers you to make your mark. 

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1 shoe.

 7,429,968 possibilities